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Boosted Board Motor Belt Kit (V2, Mini S/X, Plus, Stealth)

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Boosted Board Motor Belt Kit (V2, Mini S/X, Plus, Stealth)
Boosted Board Motor Belt Kit (V2, Mini S/X, Plus, Stealth) Boosted Board Motor Belt Kit (V2, Mini S/X, Plus, Stealth) Boosted Board Belt V2 Stealth Plus Mini X S ROMP Kevlar Best

The Boosted Board Motor Belt Service Kit is everything you need in one complete package to maintain the health of your motor belts. This motor kit is compatible with the V2 and Gen 3 (Stealth, Plus, Mini S/X) Boosted Boards.

About the V2 / Gen 3 Boosted Board Replacement Belts:

  • Neoprene Body Construction with KEVLAR Reinforcement: The Neoprene body provides protection against grime, grease, oil and moisture while the Kevlar Reinforcement provides superior tear strength and resistance to elongation. The construction of our belts have now been refortified with Kevlar Cords (previously Fiberglass) to provide even more tear strength and resistance to elongation.

  • Curvilinear Tooth Profile is designed to minimize torque loss while maximizing the power delivered to the wheels, ensuring fast starts and proper braking.

  • Tough Nylon Fabric Facing covers the wearing surface of the belt teeth, offering increased protection and service life of the belt.

  • Shear-Resistant Neoprene Teeth are molded integrally with the Neoprene backing, providing increased body integrity.

About the Socket Cap Screws:

  • Pre-Applied Nylon Patch keeps your socket cap screws from vibrating out of place.


This product has been tested to be compatible with Boosted Board V2, Mini S/X, Plus, and Stealth. It is NOT compatible with the Boosted Board V1 as there is a difference in the belt and screw specifications.

What's Included: Two (2) ROMP Boosted Board Belts, Four (4) Socket Cap Screws with Nylon Patch

Boosted Board Motor Belt Kit (V2, Mini S/X, Plus, Stealth)

Customer Reviews

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Kevlar Boosted Board Belts

This is exactly the upgrade that my Boosted Board needed. Riding it to work and back, I appreciate the longevity of these belts. It lessens the amount of times that I spend changing belts. What more can I say?


Loved the products! Fast shipping too

Best Upgrade for my Boosted V3 Plus

I've been riding my original Boosted board belt for 700km (430 miles) until I tore on one side. Decided to try the Romps out and I am very happy with them! I can definitely feel more torque on these probably cause ive been riding on the old ones so long, but I'm in love. They do make more noise but I've always enjoy the whine on the belts, helps pedestrians notice I behide them. Overall 11/10

Best belts on the market.

I broke my stock boosted belts on day one. DAY ONE. If it weren’t for these amazing kevlar lined belts i couldnt ride the boosted board. They dont slip in the rain, or in the dirt. I havent heard a slip even on an incline yet. Its been a week and i havent broke one yet so it gets a good review cause i broke 5 stock belts in 2 weeks, so yea.

Great Buy - Save Coin

Great buy if you want to save some coin. Was a little concerned about not sticking with the ‘boosted’ brand Belts but I’m impressed. They’re a little louder than the stock set that came with the board but that isn’t an issue for me.