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Evolve Street 32T ROMP Belts


Evolve Street 32T ROMP Belts - Romp Supply
Evolve Street 32T ROMP Belts - Romp Supply Evolve Street 32T ROMP Belts - Romp Supply Evolve Street 32T ROMP Belts - Romp Supply Evolve Street 32T ROMP Belts - Romp Supply
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Curvilinear Tooth Profile Design: The tooth profile improves stress distribution and allows higher overall loading, resulting in reduced torque loss and increased power delivery to the wheels, ensuring fast starts and proper braking. 

Neoprene Body Construction with KEVLAR Reinforcement: The Neoprene body bonds the tensile members and provides protection against grime, grease, oil and moisture while the Kevlar Reinforcement provides superior tear strength and resistance to elongation. 

Tough Nylon Fabric Facing: The fabric facing covers the wearing surfaces of the belt, offering increased protection of tooth surfaces. 

Shear-Resistant Neoprene Teeth: The teeth are molded integrally with the Neoprene backing, providing increased body integrity.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Money Back: We are so confident in our product that we just want to get it in your hands! If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 14 days, no questions asked.


This product has been tested to be compatible with the Evolve Street Gen3 Boards and newer with the stock standard 32T, such as the GT, GTX, GTR, ONE, and Stoke.

*Please note, this product is NOT compatible with Evolve boards equipped with the 38T gear or All Terrain (AT) set up.*


Available Quantities:

  • 2-Pack: Buy 2 Belts for $7.48 each

  • 4-Pack: Buy 4 Belts for $6.74 each and Save 10%

  • 8-Pack: Buy 8 Belts for $5.99 each and Save 20%

  • 16-Pack: Buy 16 Belts for $5.37 each and Save 28%

Evolve Street 32T ROMP Belts

Customer Reviews

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Adam k
Poor quality

The belts fit right thats all the positives i have to say i recently ordered them and after a couple days of riding my eskate (i weigh 70kg) both belts failed in the same way initially they kind of sheered theres was a noticeable bump on both sides and the kevlar or stringy materials came out of the sides the belts were super loose on the motors then both shortly failed by snapping entirely both belts were well adjusted just seems like poor quality material this left me stranded as i only carried one spare and had to get a uber home £20 i only ordered them on the 22nd of January and im not sure whether they’re still under warranty as its 11th February do not recommend just go with original evolve belts they don’t seem worth it

Richard Rogala
actually pretty good

getting two belts for the price of one from evolve is a super good deal. I think they are just as good as the evolve gtr street belts. i havent had them break and i ride every day, this is a month or so after use they still seem like they are holding up. save money and just buy from these guys evolve rips you off

Alex Gomez
Evolve Belts

Ive been using the Romp belts for the 32t gear for over a year and hundreds of miles on one pair and with very little wear!