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ROMP in 2020

With the recent news, we here at ROMP are disheartened to see Boosted experience such trying times. Boosted was known for its excellent customer service and GREAT products, and has served as prime example for our own ethos.

While we as an esk8 collective are still struggling to understand what the future holds for us, let's not forget they are still not out for the count! And above all else, the support of the various eSk8 communities, which Boosted helped foster the growth of, is still living strong. For a lot of us, our eBoards and other electric vehicles (Boosted, Evolve, DIYs, Exways, EUCs, etc.) are still rolling and that won't stop us from getting together and sending it!

I am personally excited to see our group rides here in the PNW to continue through this Spring and Summer, and ROMP is committed to continue supporting these rides. Our various products will remain available and we plan on supporting the eSk8 scene in any capacity we can. If you are part of a Boosted Board Riders group, I encourage you or your group leads to start forming a more generic eSk8 group in addition to your Boosted group (don't jump ship yet), if you haven't done so already. Let's keep up the stoke!

- Brian @ROMP Supply

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