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How to Mount Shock Guard with Stock Boosted Risers

How to Mount Shock Guard with Stock Boosted Risers

“Does the Shock Guard come with Cable Clips?”

“How does the Shock Guard hold the motor cables when mounted as a tail guard?”

We have been getting these questions recently and wanted to share a solution that has been working for fellow Boosted Board riders.

The short answer is YES, the Shock Guard is able to hold the rear motor cables, but with some help from the stock risers and elbow grease (roll up the sleeves)!

Tools and Parts you will need:


The first task is to trim off the U-shaped cable loop that resides on the back of the ROMP Shock Guard. This can be easily done with a cutting tool such as an X-acto knife.

By trimming the cable loop, the stock Boosted riser can now be stacked with the Shock Guard.

Shown above is a trimmed Shock Guard shown with a stock Boosted 1/2’’ Extended Front Riser. This also works with the stock Boosted 1/4’’ Riser, rear and front.

Once trimmed, mount your hardware in the follow order: ROMP Shock Guard > Stock Boosted Riser > Trucks.

Secure your motor cables in the cable clips and BOOM, you are done!

We also recommend using 1.75'' or 2'' Button Head Deck Screws with this set up since using the stock 1.25’’ deck screws makes it a tight fit with all the hardware installed.

Enjoy your new set up! Shred it up and ride safe!

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