Troubleshooting Guide

We know diagnosing your Boosted Board can be difficult at times and can lead you down a rabbit hole of anxiety. To help with that, we pulled together a troubleshooting guide in hopes of steering you in the right direction.

Please note, the following guide has been sourced from our community and we are not responsible for any changes to your board as a result. It is always a good idea to contact the Boosted Support Team for official support.

This guide will be continually updated. Please contact us if you have a problem AND paired solution that you would like to see added here.

Motor Bearing Issue (a.k.a. Bent Motor Shaft)

Symptoms: The “Lawnmower Noise and Wiggle/Play in Motor Shaft

Diagnosis: Bent Motor Bearing

The Cure: Contact Boosted Customer Support for service


Motor or Battery Cable(s) Lost Connection

Symptoms: Frequent Beeping from Remote and Loss of Power in Motor(s) (Reference Link)

Diagnosis: Motor or Battery Cables with Poor Connections, often caused by excess vibrations to the board

The Cure: Disconnect the motor/battery cables, clean the contacts, and reconnect the cables. Application of DeoxIT is also recommended. See this Reddit community discussion for reference.


Clicking Noise from Wheel(s)

Symptoms: Clicking Noise from either Rear or Front Wheels

Diagnosis: Normal noise from bearing(s)

The Cure: Keep on Riding! The reply from Boosted to one of the Reddit community members was this: “Sounds like you've got a clicking bearing, it's nothing to worry about, I have one on my own board too. I know the sound can be a bit surprising, but it's a benign issue that isn't causing any accelerated wear or damage. I've found mine has gotten quieter over time. One trick that can help quiet it up is to loosen the axle nut 1/8-1/4 of a turn, this helps relieve pressure on the bearings.” (Reference Link)

Loose Wheelnut

Symptoms: Noise from Rear or Front Wheels when Motor is not engaged

Diagnosis: Loose Wheelnut

The Cure: Tighten it up! (Reference Link)

Brian Poon